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Hi , my name is Michele. For years I hated having my picture taken, always shying away from the camera, or covering my face with my hand. “Come on Shell ” my husband would say don’t spoil the family photo! But I would, by turning away, much to the disgust of my teenage daughters, and husband Nick. Years went on and reluctantly I only faced the camera for key family events, such as birthdays and my daughters wedding. Then, with the birth of my granddaughter, I new that things had to

Diane came in for a Boudoir shoot and assured me I would never get a good photo of her. She has never liked any photo of herself.I was so emotional by the end of her shoot and excited for her to see the final images. And for her to then have the confidence to order a Wall Art to display in her home as well as a selection of digitals was a very proud photographer moment. Well done Diane and I cant wait to see your canvas displayed

  Superhero's have landed at Photo Stoke. We have yet another new launch here at the studio. We were super lucky on Monday to be the very first people in the U  K to purchase this amazing new set. I launched the offer live at the conference and it went crazy. We have authentic marvel costumes so kids and adults can be their very favourite super hero. We have Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Flash, Cat women, Wonder women and Super girl. The background and set is so amazing that after we add in the

  Introducing another new shoot type. This is very different as most of the work is done after the photo shoot in Digital editing to create this truly magical image. Every little girl loves unicorns so why not make their dreams come true and create this stunning piece of art. To book please message me.  

I am so excited to be able to launch the 1st of 3 new shoot genres here at Photo Stoke. After some initial trials and having the lovely Lily in the studio to test my creative ideas on, I am now happy with the final images and ready to launch it to my lovely Photo Stoke fans. So now launching Dance Photo Shoots,  for all ages, dance styles and can even include head shots for actors as well. I have a real passion for the Arts and it is something I have done

  Another great Fairy day on the 10th of June and just starting to get everyone back in for their viewing and ordering sessions. The Leech Family came to see their photos on Sunday. Lacie and Ava were the fairies in this session. Now I just had to write about Lacie as she was one of the most excited little girls that we have had in so far. The Leech family won the photo shoot in the Charity Action for Dougie Mac. And when Mum Lucy phoned me to book in she told me all about