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“I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it all again”


I had Kayleigh and Katie in for a friends make over shoot. I had mentioned over the phone that we can do a bit of Boudoir if they would like as one of their outfit choices.

When they both arrived they were so nervous, telling me all sorts of bits they didn’t like about their bodies. We started with some normal outfits first and traditional portraiture posing. Then we just went for it and did some boudoir. They were growing in confidence as we went on but I still wasn’t convinced they were up for art nude.

Then right at the end just before we finished I asked the question again and they looked at each other and agreed if one did it the other one would too.

I am so pleased they did, they instantly changed after that and left the studio buzzing.

When they came back for their viewing session they were so happy with their images and went for almost all their boudoir images.

This just shows that no matter how nervous you are, you just got to push through it because you will feel so empowered after. I put no pressure on them at all through out the shoot but just knew they just needed that little push to go for it.

“I had a shoot with a friend to give us a new experience. We were asked if we wanted try Boudoir and then some Art nude and both said no at the start. Once we got started though we enjoyed it and felt so relaxed that we both went the whole mile and did it. It’s brought out confidence in us both” Kayleigh

“I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it all again” Katie