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Lacey’s Dream of becoming a Fairy


Another great Fairy day on the 10th of June and just starting to get everyone back in for their viewing and ordering sessions.

The Leech Family came to see their photos on Sunday.

Lacie and Ava were the fairies in this session. Now I just had to write about Lacie as she was one of the most excited little girls that we have had in so far.

The Leech family won the photo shoot in the Charity Action for Dougie Mac. And when Mum Lucy phoned me to book in she told me all about Lacie.

” When Lacie came back from her nans we told her we had a surprise for her and showed her the laminated piece of paper with the fairy on and told her she was going to be one, she still has the paper now but it’s crumpled because she took it everywhere with her, told everyone she saw about it and even slept with it.”

I thought this was so lovely and couldn’t wait to get Lacie into the studio to fullfill her dream of becoming a fairy.

On the day of the shoot I went out to greet the Leech family. I could tell all ready that Lacie was excited as she kept telling me she was going to be a fairy.

I showed her all the pretty fairy outfits and she selected a pink one, once I put the wings on her, her smile said it all.

Now this is the funniest bit I told the kids to remember that we have to be quiet and still in the set so as we don’t scare the fairies. Lacie then followed in to the studio on tiptoes and sneaking forward very slowly and carefully. This really made me chuckle.

Once in the set I didn’t have to do much as Lacie was pointing out all the fairies that she could see. It was so lovely to see her enjoying it and the magic that she believed.

“All fairies are tooth fairies to Lacie, there just her favourite thing. It’s one of the reasons why we kept bidding at the auction, we just knew the kids had to have this experience. We didn’t think we’d get much out of Ava as she is only two but hers are amazing as well. They all look just so natural. ” says Lucy.

The Leech family loved their images and I cant wait to see their finished canvas on their wall for Lacie to see every day and remember her special day when she became a fairy.