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Michelle’s Body Confidence Story

Hi , my name is Michele. For years I hated having my picture taken, always shying away from the camera, or covering my face with my hand. “Come on Shell ” my husband would say don’t spoil the family photo! But I would, by turning away, much to the disgust of my teenage daughters, and husband Nick. Years went on and reluctantly I only faced the camera for key family events, such as birthdays and my daughters wedding.

Then, with the birth of my granddaughter, I new that things had to change, and I needed to face my fear of the camera and resulting pictures.

I plucked up the courage to do a boudoir shoot, and secretly shopped with my eldest daughter for something nice to wear.

I wanted to keep it a surprise from Nick, but nerves got the better of me, and I told my husband the day before. “You will look great” Nick said, inspired by his words, I went ahead.

Louise, the photographer, I couldn’t have done it in front of a male photographer, coaxed some seductive poses out of me, and with her encouragement, I changed into more daring lingerie, and gave my best Christine Keeler poses.

A week later, Nick took me to see the results.

I now have an album of some amazing pictures, and no longer shy away from the lens.